Robb Barr's Last Class

My name is George Mooers, and I'm a partner in DKG Leather, Grand Terrace, California. Robb Barr was in the process of teaching a class at my store when he passed away, incidentally, he was staying at my home at the time. I took pictures during the class, and unfortunately I was using my old 35mm camera and of all times for the flash to go south, that's what happened.

Robb was a gentle giant, and had his great sense of humor right up to the end . . . we all are better people for knowing Robb and his memory will always live in our hearts.

Sincerely, George Mooers

  • Helen Farnam, Mark Effle, Robb Barr
  • Mark Effle, Robb Barr, __?, __?, George Siddle
  • Helen Farnam, Robb Barr, __?, __?
  • Helen Farnam and Mark Effle
  • Robb Barr, __?, __?
  • Helen Farnam, Mark Effle, Robb Barr
  • __?, __?, George Siddle
  • Robb's nephew, who accompanied Robb on his last tour
  • Courtesy of George Mooers, used with his permission
    (Mr. Mooers apologizes for lack of names for several of the people.)

    IILG Copyright

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